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Start Time Saturday Sep 14th is
8:00AM sharp for Full Fondo Plus (138kms)
8:12AM for Full Fondo (100km)


is located at Okanagan Lake Park (in Penticton)
(East of Penticton Lakeside Resort)
Medio Fondo Starts at Chute Lake. You must check in there.
Please Note: Once all Medio Fondo riders are assembled they will go off in small waves


Is in East Kelowna Community Hall and Park
Off of McCulloch Road and East Kelowna Rd.

Finish Times Maximum time allowed

  • Maximum finish Time is 4:00pm For Full Fondo Plus
  • Maximum finish Time is 3:00pm For Full Fondo and Medio Fondo

    Friday Sep 13th 4:00pm – 8:00pm
    Where: East Kelowna Community Hall
    Off of McCulloch Road and East Kelowna Rd.
    Saturday Sep 14th from 6:55am onwards
    Where: At event start in Penticton at Okanagan Lake Park.

    There will be Porta Johnnies and /or bathrooms near the start line.


    Bike Transport From Kelowna to Penticton PLEASE NOTE: Bus / Bike Transport either way is NOT included in entry
    This is for all those staying or leaving cars in Kelowna.

    PLEASE NOTE: You must drop off your bike at Package Pickup Friday night.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO bike drop off Saturday morning in Kelowna!

    The Bike Transport will be loaded in an organized and secure manner so your trusted steed will be safe. It will then be transported to a secure area overnight then racked near the start line.

    Bus Transport from Kelowna to Penticton (Saturday Morning)
    Meet at Parking lot in East Kelowna Park between the park and East Kelowna Community Hall. PLEASE NOTE: You must pre book tickets for this. There are no tickets available for sale for bus or bike transport to Penticton on Saturday morning.

    Saturday Sep 14th Bus Schedule

    Bus Transport Pre Event to Penticton Saturday AM

    Buses will depart from Kelowna starting at 6:00am
    The Last Bus leaves at approximately 6:20am so do not be late.
    Location:East Kelowna Park.
    (East Kelowna Rd. and McCulloch Rd)
    PLEAST NOTE: Not included in entry. You must pre-purchase a bus ticket to secure a bus ride to the start.

    Starting in Penticton (and staying overnight in Penticton)
    Just roll up to the park on your bike and pick up your package and then line up for the race
    We will have bag transport (limited to 1 bag of a specific dimensions and no Hockey bags) to the finish line in Kelowna for you.
    Medio 50km shuttle to Chute Lake starts running from Penticton after the other 2 events have started. You must get your way to Penticton through your own means or purchase a Bus Transport ticket. The shuttle bus to Chute Lake is not included in your entry.

    For Bus and Person Transport Back to Penticton post (after) event Saturday PM

    This will not be running frequently but will be available for all participants.

    Please Note: Bus Transport Not included in entry.
    Cost is $70 for 1 person and 1 bike.
    It will be $80 day of event if spots remain.
    We strongly suggest you pre-purchase a bus ticket to secure a bus ride post event.